Beauty and the Beast

16 – 20 November 2010
Leeds Grand Theatre

LAOS returned to Leeds Grand Theatre with a burst of theatrical magic, to present the Disney classic Beauty and the Beast.

This ‘Tale as Old as Time’ is based on the fairy tale ‘La Belle et la Bête’, and follows the fate of a young prince who refuses to give an evil witch shelter in exchange for a rose. She transforms him into a beast and all his servants into objects. As in a typical fairy tale, the spell can be broken and the prince saved, but he must love and have love returned before his 21st birthday, otherwise the witch’s rose will lose all its petals and his household will be doomed forever!

Filled with fun and fantasy, this multi-award winning musical boasts an enchanting score, including the well known title song ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and the magnificent ‘Be Our Guest’.

Download a copy of the Beauty and the Beast programme. Acrobat PDFs which can be viewed by downloading the free Acrobat Reader.

LAOS Beauty and the Beast

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